Mo’s Mess Up

This was a whole home Sonos audio system that had to be redone, Dallas Texas. Check out the pictures and tell me if you can see what was wrong!

So if you didn’t get the whole Mo thing, they are a big name home theater company based out of Houston that has stores all over Texas including Austin, Southlake, Frisco, Dallas and formerly Uptown over by Knox-Henderson. The original install was done by them and redone by us.

The equipment that was previously provided onsite:

The system listed above is around 5,000 before it’s even installed. The issue he was having is that some of the rooms did not work and others only worked part of the time. The music also kept gong in and out.

So lets start with the mess. Obviously that was the first thing that had to be dealt with because we could not tell what equipment went to each room. We had to take the whole thing apart and start over. As we were doing that we found that there was not reason for the Peachtree Nova. It was being used as an amp. The Peachtree Nova is a source amp which allows for multiple audio components to be switched trough it. But it only had one, a Sonos Connect. If you look at the first picture that is what the pink tape is for. In other words you could have used just another amp. We figure they had an extra one and needed to get rid of it. The wiring as you can see was a nightmare. They had patched speaker wire together using wire nuts, split incoming sources to the Sonos (there is no need for this, the Sono system shares all of it sources) and a then just tossed it all the equipment together.

A rule of thumb for any installer is that you do not stack amps right on top of each other. They create a lot of heat and can burn up. The other thing you may see is one of the Sonos pieces is stacked on top of the Uverse battery backup. Proper ventilation is key when installing equipment. As you can see in the slide show we installed a 9U equipment rack. Racks provide ease of access, wire management and of course proper ventilation. Doing so extends the life of your equipment and makes it possible to add in new pieces. For 300 dollars this is a really a inexpensive way of protecting your equipment. As a professional company this should have been automatic.

The next big thing was his network, we have an article coming soon that will give you more information about that.

In the end we got the system where it needed to be in the first place. With the rack installed the equipment was neatly stacked, easily accessible and ascetically pleasing (for electronics at least). We stabilized the network and made the system fully work for the first time. We also did a lot of customer education. I was surprised by how much the customer was not informed about his system.

Samsung 105 TV

TV Installation

Samsung today announced that the 105-inch 4K/Ultra HD it previewed at CES in January is now available for pre-order for $120,000. The largest TV of its kind, the model UN105S9W is built to order and features a curved screen mounted on a metallic frame, which can be removed for wall mounting.

The set’s 5120 x 2160 screen boasts 11 million pixels and features Samsung’s proprietary UHD Dimming and Precision Black processing, which is said to deliver deeper blacks and brighter whites. Other highlights include Quad Screen Multi-Link for displaying four screens at once—including live TV, streaming video and Web content—and a new five-panel version of Samsung’s quad-core-processor-powered Smart Hub platform.

The UN105S9W can be easily upgraded with the latest features using the Samsung UHD Evolution Kit, which is sold separately. The TV sports a wood finish on its back panel and can be wall-mounted using a specialty kit (sold separately).

Owners of the TV receive “Samsung Elite Service,” which includes an in-home visit by Samsung Field Engineers who optimize the TV for the viewing environment and present an overview of its features.

For this TV Installation and more contacts Unisen Media LLC.

NFL Home Theater TV Install

The Home Theater Dream 2

Theater in Dallas Home

Its another Sunday, your game is on and your prepared. You have your drinks, chips and dip. How could this get any better, well it just did. The install of  4 42″  TV’s and a 138 inch screen projector for one loyal fan. Fixed with Lutron lighting and a 7.1 surround sound, its the perfect home theater for your visual needs. Its even set up with two levels of seats and full motion mounts as to make it as comfortable as possible for anyone watching.

The projector that we installed was the Epson Home Cinema. Epson has outstanding projectors with amazing picture. They also give you so many options that they fit most any budget . Very user friendly and easy to install. An all around good choice for this project.

Just for added measures, we also installed four 42 inch LG TVs to bump up the “shock and awe” factor. Its also nice to be able to watch 5 things at once. The picture quality that you get from the TVs is jaw dropping. The attention to detail that they give you makes the experience that much greater. With the reviews that the TV’s get, i couldn’t think of any other unit that i would have rather put up there. When it was all said and done, It was a good choice.

This home theater was more than just a regular install, it was a piece of art. As corny as that is, it is what people dream of. Its the definition of “Man Cave”. Nothing compares to quality you receive from something like that and even more, the acknowledgement of possessing such a incredible arrangement of devices. In the end, that home theater install is something that i pride myself in and am proud to say i could be apart of it.