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Apple Virus

Apple Virus

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A virus that is a Flashback Trojan has been estimated to have hit over 500,000   Apple computers. Thats right I said Apple. Now I’m not here to make fun of your supposedly virus proof computers, I know how much virus’s suck. Here is a couple of ways to detect and remove the virus.

What is the Flashback Trojan?

First thing to note is that Flashback is not a technically a virus, it’s a Trojan horse. Both are malicious software, but the main difference is that a Trojan horse cannot infect other computers. Trojan horses typically seem like helpful software, but once installed they make your computer vulnerable to data theft or keystroke logging, among other things.

The Flashback Trojan, also called BackDoor.Flashback.39, was initially discovered as a fake Adobe Flash Player plug-in installer in September 2011.

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How to check your Mac for the Flashback Trojan

Dr. Web, who originally reported the number of Mac users infected with the virus, has an online tool to check if you have BackDoor.Flashback.39. There’s also a program calledFlashbackChecker available at GitHub. If you use the anti-virus program VirusBarrier, it should be able to check and remove the Trojan horse.

How to get rid of the Flashback Trojan

There are a few different ways to get rid of the Flashback Trojan. CNET has a step-by-step guide  to remove the malicious software. There’s also a removal guide posted by the Finnish security company F-Secure.

Obviously this is a a big deal and an actual threat to what was previously thought to be a very secure OS. Please take this seriously and protect all your information.

CNET has full coverage of the Flashback Trojan virus.

Note from Unisen Media LLC. If you use a Mac or other Apple product for your home theater please contact your home theater installer for help with this issue.


Sony Brand of the Year

Sony Name Brand of the Year

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For the second year in a row, Sony was awarded Consumer Electronics Brand of the Year by the annual Harris Poll EquiTrend® study, reflecting the survey results of over 35,000 U.S. consumers. “We are very proud that the Harris Poll EquiTrend study continues to recognize the value of the Sony brand and the strong connection consumers have with the brand, our products and services,” said Phil Molyneux, president and COO. “Sony’s ability to sustain such high brand recognition is a testament of our ability to offer many incredible innovationsfor every aspect of consumer entertainment.” The “Brand Ambassador” integrated marketing campaign launched in the U.S. last year is also strongly resonating with consumers and is being extended over the next few months. The campaign concept is centered on how Sony products enable amazing experiences that make consumers excited to show them off with their friends and family. Sony is noted for a wide range of consumer audio-visual products, such as the BRAVIA® LCD and 3D high-definition televisions, Cyber-shot® digital camera, Alpha Digital SLR camera, Handycam® camcorder and Walkman® personal stereo. Sony is also an innovator in the IT arena with its VAIO® personal computers Reader devices and Sony Tablets; and in high-definition professional broadcast equipment, highlighted by the XDCAM® HD and CineAlta™ lines of cameras and camcorders, and the SXRD™ 4K digital projector.
About the Harris Poll Methodology

The Harris Poll Brand of the Year is the top ranked brand in its category of Brand Equity, which provides an understanding of a brand’s overall strength and is determined by a calculation of quality, familiarity and purchase consideration. Brands high in brand equity often excel in the connection they establish with consumers in elements such as the brand’s ability to meet expectations, to be trusted, to be relevant to consumers’ lives and in the amount of love they generate from consumers.

Home Theater System Your Flat Panel TV

As LED, LCDPlasma’s and now OLED TV’s get thinner the one thing that gets left behind is the sound. Samsung has there ES8000 series TV sitting at 1.2”, LG has the LM8600 at 1.3” and OLED’s are going to be around 3/16”. Where can you put a speaker on something that is 3/16”? The answer is nowhere. Samsung ES8000 at 1.2” has 2 speakers that are 10W each. How do you get anything decent out of a 10W speaker? The answer is you can’t. Now Mitsubishi had there Unisen line that had a built in sound bar with the option of a wireless subwoofer but they have been discontinued:(. So you have to go a different route if you want to have good sound. There are 2 choices, a full surround sound / home theater system or a sound bar.

Sound Bar’s

Sound bars come in a lot of different forms. Samsung has one that fits the design of there TV and will run you upwards of $400. Yamaha’s sound bar can run all the way up to $2,099.99. How do you choose? First what are you looking for? Do you want a sound bar that will give you the best surround sound effect or just improve the sound coming from the TV? Most of our clients just want a sound better then what the TV is giving. We recommend the Boston Acoustic TVEEM20B. We recommend this with no bias. We install but do not sell Boston Acoustic. In every instance that we have recommended this and a client has gone with it they have been very happy with its performance. The TVEEM20B also comes with a wireless subwoofer. In the instance that design is more important than sound go to your TV manufacturers website and see if they have a sound bar that is specifically designed for your TV.

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Surround Sound / Home Theater System

No one can ever say that a full surround sound system can be beat with a sound bar unless you compare a 200 dollar surround system to a 2000 dollar sound bar. Now surround sound systems and home theater systems can be costly but they do not have to be in order to get the sound you need. Need is the key word. Want is a whole other story. For example I want a McIntosh surround sound system paired with B&W Nautilus but I do not have a cool half million laying around. So we move on. You do not have to go that far to get what is good or what you need and yes you can have a little of both and even more of what you want. The thing to remember is what fit best with your home. Whether it is flush mounted speakers or towers. I have to admit I am a big Denon fan and we recommend the Denon AVR1912 the most, and yes we do sell Denon. As for speakers we recommend Paradigm (we do not sell anymore), Monitor Audio (we do sell), Polk Audio (we do sell) and Pinnacle (we do sell).

If we can help you decide on what you may want or need please let us know!