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Samsung 105 TV

Samsung today announced that the 105-inch 4K/Ultra HD it previewed at CES in January is now available for pre-order for $120,000. The largest TV of its kind, the model UN105S9W is built to order and features a curved screen mounted on a metallic frame, which can be removed for wall mounting. The set’s 5120 x […]

Theater in Dallas Home

NFL Home Theater TV Install

The Home Theater Dream 2 Its another Sunday, your game is on and your prepared. You have your drinks, chips and dip. How could this get any better, well it just did. The install of  4 42″  TV’s and a 138 inch screen projector for one loyal fan. Fixed with Lutron lighting and a 7.1 surround sound, […]

Home Theater Speaker

Invisible vs Trim less Speakers

Is there such thing as having an invisible speaker with great sound? Not yet. When it comes to speakers, one of the biggest arguments is usually with the interior decorator i.e. the lady of the house in most cases. The look and size of a speaker is what usually gets it all started. With the advances […]

TV installation Frisco, Dallas home theater

Home Theater and TV Installation

Our home theater and TV installations We have not posted in a while. Some of it has to do with work and the rest the holidays. Here are a few of our home theater and TV installations. This is a TV installation at the Nestle Toll House kiosk in the Allen convention center. The next four […]

RedRay 4K home theater projector

NFL Home Theater

How do you watch Football? Our NFL Home Theater! If you are a fan of the NFL then there are a few things that may bother you. First are these Refs (COME ON!!!) and the next is how many games can you watch at once. It may not happen a lot but every once in […]

3D projector projector screens Home theater installer Dallas TX Ft Worth Texas Southlake TX Plano TX Frisco Texas

Home Theater Projector, DLP or Flat Panel

Home Theater Options With the sizes of TV’s and DLP’s getting bigger and bigger more people are looking to change things up. You no longer do have to have a projector to have a home theater. Sharp now has there 90″ flat panel and Mitsubishi has there 92″ DLP. Mitsubishi is also looking to make […]

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1080p Projector LED Laser

Acer Debuts World’s First 1080p Projector Hybrid LED-Laser  - Unique mercury-free technology improves brightness, color, and light-source lifetime The Acer K750 is the world’s first 1080p projector equipped with a hybrid laser-LED light technology, improving color saturation by 55% to deliver outstanding, energy efficient projection. The K750 projector uses both LED and laser light sources, […]

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3D Home Theater

3D Home Theater D-ILA 4K Precision Projector 4K Precision shatters the high definition barrier for home theater, taking two-million pixel 1080p HD images and up converting them to eight-million pixel 4K images. That’s four times the resolution of Full HD! Using JVC’s exclusive e-Shift technology, the DLA-X90R delivers 3,840 x 2,160 resolution from any compatible […]

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New TV for TV Installer

TV Installer This post will be a little bit of information and a little sigh on the TV installer and home theater installers of the world. I am an old TV installer and I remember when a 37” in tube TV weighted more than a 65” flat panel. Now a day installers could install most […]

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Home Theater and Home Entertainment

Home theater and home entertainment comes alive The Denon AVR-2113CI awakens the lifelike surround sound that’s waiting for you with Blu-ray discs, DVDs, HDTV programs and video games. High-powered amplification and state-of-the-art surround sound processing let you experience the kind of sound once available only in the theater. Now you can be drawn into the […]