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As LED, LCDPlasma’s and now OLED TV’s get thinner the one thing that gets left behind is the sound. Samsung has there ES8000 series TV sitting at 1.2”, LG has the LM8600 at 1.3” and OLED’s are going to be around 3/16”. Where can you put a speaker on something that is 3/16”? The answer is nowhere. Samsung ES8000 at 1.2” has 2 speakers that are 10W each. How do you get anything decent out of a 10W speaker? The answer is you can’t. Now Mitsubishi had there Unisen line that had a built in sound bar with the option of a wireless subwoofer but they have been discontinued:(. So you have to go a different route if you want to have good sound. There are 2 choices, a full surround sound / home theater system or a sound bar.

Sound Bar’s

Sound bars come in a lot of different forms. Samsung has one that fits the design of there TV and will run you upwards of $400. Yamaha’s sound bar can run all the way up to $2,099.99. How do you choose? First what are you looking for? Do you want a sound bar that will give you the best surround sound effect or just improve the sound coming from the TV? Most of our clients just want a sound better then what the TV is giving. We recommend the Boston Acoustic TVEEM20B. We recommend this with no bias. We install but do not sell Boston Acoustic. In every instance that we have recommended this and a client has gone with it they have been very happy with its performance. The TVEEM20B also comes with a wireless subwoofer. In the instance that design is more important than sound go to your TV manufacturers website and see if they have a sound bar that is specifically designed for your TV.

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Surround Sound / Home Theater System

No one can ever say that a full surround sound system can be beat with a sound bar unless you compare a 200 dollar surround system to a 2000 dollar sound bar. Now surround sound systems and home theater systems can be costly but they do not have to be in order to get the sound you need. Need is the key word. Want is a whole other story. For example I want a McIntosh surround sound system paired with B&W Nautilus but I do not have a cool half million laying around. So we move on. You do not have to go that far to get what is good or what you need and yes you can have a little of both and even more of what you want. The thing to remember is what fit best with your home. Whether it is flush mounted speakers or towers. I have to admit I am a big Denon fan and we recommend the Denon AVR1912 the most, and yes we do sell Denon. As for speakers we recommend Paradigm (we do not sell anymore), Monitor Audio (we do sell), Polk Audio (we do sell) and Pinnacle (we do sell).

If we can help you decide on what you may want or need please let us know!

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