.     We pride ourselves on our reputation but also know that you can not please everyone. When we were installers (contractors) with Firedog, which was Circuit City’s installation side, we had rave reviews. A lot of times we were the ones repairing jobs that other contractors for Firedog had messed up or said could not be done. After each installation a Firedog rep would call the client and ask a standard set of questions about not only the install but the installers. The answer to those questions determined the amount of work you got. If you were consistently getting bad review then they would shift work away from you until it improved. Again we were always at the top, until we did a LCD TV on wall and a home theater for a customer in Dallas TX. The customer gave us all fours, out of five. This threw us off so when we found out we called the customer to follow up and make sure everything was working ok. We thought that due to giving us fours that something had gone wrong or was not working. He stated everything was fine, he just never gives a perfect score because no one is perfect. WOW, that threw me for a loop but ok. Below are some of our reviews, I encourage you not to just use these though. Look us up online and see for yourself.

Unisen Media LLC reviews Dallas TX, Fort Worth Texas, Plano TX, Rockwall Texas, Denton TX, The Colony Texas, Waxahachie TX TV on wall home theater installation installer installers TV LCD

We have received 13 reviews with 100% positive.


 Living ‎ – Jul 11, 2011 – They did what others could not. I had other quotes from other companies and they wanted to install all my wiring from the outside of the house through conduit and these guys found a way to get it all done through the attic space that we had and it looks and sounds awesome.