What We Do

This is what we do is dedicated to what we do. Quite a few times we earn business because we go above and beyond. We do things that other companies have said was not possible and giving options that were just not aesthetically acceptable. Most of the times it’s not easy but we will do everything possible to do the job and do it right even if it means climbing in between floors or down walls. Don’t get us wrong there are times that even our options are not aesthetically pleasing but we will do everything within our power to avoid doing anything if there is a better way. This page will have pictures, videos and testimonials showing how far we will go to get the job done and done right.


Waiting outside the Apple store for iPhone 4, projector and screen The Texas Rangers

This is when we waited 18 hours outside of the Apple store for the new iPhone 4. We had a client going out of the country the next day for a month and wanted the to take the new iPhone. That is what started it all but we can not say that we were just doing it for them because at the same time we got ours and also a few more of our clients made us authorize users on their accounts so that we could get theirs at the same time. We left the Apple store with 8 iPhone 4′s. The picture is of the projector and screen we set up to watch the Rangers game off the iPad.

Adding studs behind fireplace for the installation of a Samsung 55 over fireplace

This picture and the video above it are from an installation of a 55′ Samsung TV over a fireplace. The problem was when we went to hang the TV there were no studs. So we had to crawl down the chase behind it and install studs so that the TV could be mounted.

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