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This post will be a little bit of information and a little sigh on the TV installer and home theater installers of the world. I am an old TV installer and I remember when a 37” in tube TV weighted more than a 65” flat panel. Now a day installers could install most of these flat panels if it wasn’t for their bulk. Samsung has a 55” that weighs 33.5 pounds. Well to my dismay the old heavy TV’s may be coming back. Not because they are getting thicker just bigger. We have seen the Sharp 70” & 80” and now they have the 90”. A little off topic, in the past few years I have seen the decline of clients putting their large TV’s upstairs. With my luck as they get heaver more and more will want them installed in the upstairs game room instead of in the downstairs living room (sorry just a little rant). The LC-90LE745U weighs in at 141.1 without the stand and 150 with.

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Sony & LG 84″

Now with that said here come all the other TV manufactures with their bigger and bigger TV’s. Sony and LG have announced their 84” 4K TV’s. Do not get too excited, they are around and a little over $20,000. Also from what has been seen at CEDIA if you are not playing something in 4K it is like watching a 480i picture on an HD 1080p screen. They are also not the 4096 x 3072 that we were expecting they are 3,840 x 2,160 (“Quad Full” HD).

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Opinion: as an old TV installer I look forward to putting a lot of these up. I do think as they keep growing we are going to see the decline of projectors and DLP’s. Sharp is predicting they will build a TV more than 100” in the next few years and I imagine others will follow. Good luck to individual TV installer, I think you are going to have to hire a helper.


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